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Skills Training Certificate ( STC )

What is it?

A Skills Training Certificate (STC) recognizes the completion of one of the training programs currently offered by school boards in Quebec.


An STC program allows students to acquire the best skills in order to enter a profession in areas as diverse as cooking, general administration, arts, construction, health care, and more.


A program leading to an STC:


  • Allows the acquisition of a set of abilities associated with specialized tasks connected to a work position;
  • Usually consists, for a minimum of 60% of the targeted skills, training modules that come entirely from programs leading to a DVS;
  • Allows continued study towards a DVS;
  • Provides quick access to the labour market.


Who's it for?

An STC is for you, if you:


  • Are 18 when entering the training program;
  • Have passed Secondary 3 (mathematics, French and a second language);
  • Are changing career;
  • Are going back to school;
  • Have lost your job.


How does it work?

You must register with the school board of your choice:


  • Free training;
  • Additional service charges may apply;
  • Material costs vary by program;
  • Programs offered in French and many in English;
  • Minimum of 240 hours (2 months) and a maximum of 795 hours (6 months) of training, depending on the program.


For more information about Skills Training Certificate on the Island-of-Montreal, click on the school board of your choice:


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