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Work Study Program

A perfect combination.

Let's say you are enrolled in vocational training. You are quite happy learning the theory but you would also like to discover the practical side of your future career. In that case, a practicum in the workplace would suit you perfectly! Work-study programs (WSP) are in fact offered by the school boards on the Island-of-Montreal. It's up to you to take advantage of them.


Work-study programs are an integral part of programs of study leading to a diploma. They are structured so that periods of learning in school alternate with periods of practical training in the workplace (some of which are paid).


Work-study programs offer many benefits:


  • They increase the students' motivation and interest, and reinforce their learning.
  • They also enhance the students' employability.


In most cases, jobs await students who demonstrate high aptitudes and the right attitudes.


Some school boards on the Island-of-Montreal offer programs leading to a DVS as work-study programs (WSP). Find out more and don’t miss this great opportunity!

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