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AVS en Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation

Code :

Durée du programme : heures | mois


Description :

Machinists specialized in operating numerical-control machine tools mass-produce machine parts using machine tools that are controlled by a computer. They must know how to program the computers and how to machine both simple and complex parts. These workers are experts at reading blueprints. They are adept at setting up, assembling, fitting and disassembling cutting accessories and tools. They handle raw materials and select the right metal alloy for each part to be made. They verify machined parts, inspect them for quality, and correct them if necessary. These specialized machinists are employed by machinery manufacturing plants and by machine shops.


Quelques qualités recherchées :

  • ability to learn theoretical concepts and technical skills logical, methodical and analytical mind dexterity and ability to work with speed and precision meticulousness, sense of responsibility and ability to work independently


Établissements qui offrent la formation :

Sur l’île de Montréal en français :

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Sur l’île de Montréal en anglais :

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Préalables :

Persons enrolling in a program of study leading to an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS) must hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in the trade or occupation corresponding to the desired program of study, or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning. OR They must already be performing the occupation or trade related to the desired program of study. There are no admission requirements for programs designed to help people start a business.


Spécialisations possibles (ASP) :

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