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You may not realize how many vocational training graduates you meet on a daily basis. Every day, these skilled workers apply their skills and talents to improve our quality of life. They work all around us in every sector of the economy: in health, food, auto mechanics, construction, beauty and spa treatments, general administration and so much more!


In Quebec, there are nearly 170 programs leading to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) or an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS).


Contrary to what some still believe, vocational training is NOT at the high-school nor CEGEP levels.


Vocational training (VT) is an educational and qualification path that sits between those two levels of schooling! It offers a career option, even for some who will choose college once their SSD (Secondary School Diploma) has been earned.


Unlike going on to college, however, vocational training is accessible without a Secondary School Diploma (SSD). In fact, most DVS programs require passing only Secondary 4 (French, English, mathematics). A number of programs are also available after passing the same subjects in Secondary 3. Only some require completing Secondary 5. Of course, VT is accessible with your SSD!


With a vocational training diploma in hand, you can access the labour market or pursue your studies further in CEGEP and even university, if you like and if you have the prerequisites to be admitted to the program of your choice. Everything is possible with VT!


Certainly, vocational training allows you to learn a trade and get an interesting job after only one or two years of study in the case of DVS and AVS. Very interesting job prospects await graduates. As of 2015, over 200,000 jobs requiring vocational training needed to be filled!


We believe in THE POWER OF VT! Now it’s your turn to take advantage.

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