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Are you an entrepreneur?

I'm the boss!

With a few rare exceptions (such as dental assistant or pharmacy assistant), vocational trades enable you to be your own boss. In essence, your bosses are your clients.


For example, experienced plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and interior decorators can become entrepreneurs in their field. Many hairdressers own their own hair salon. Graduates in secretarial studies can offer services to companies from their home, and the list goes on.


Being your own boss requires certain personal aptitudes and special abilities. You have to be self-motivated, persistent, able to do some sales and administrative work, and enjoy working with people.


To maximize your chances for success, in addition to a DVS in the program that interests you, why not get an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS) in Starting a business? in addition to the DVS for the program that interests you?


Also, if you want to test your entrepreneurial skills and abilities, you can enter the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.


You will see our spokesperson ÉTIENNE who also supports this SUPER initiative!

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