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Gathering information

Before you make a final decision about your future career, it is important for you to find out everything you can about the different programs available. Vocational training centres regularly hold information sessions to explain their admission procedures and training programs. Several school boards on the Island-of-Montreal also hold open-house days or “Student for a Day” activities. "Student for a day" are also offered by several school boards on the island of Montréal.


Our magazine is a good source of information about the vocational training programs offered in and around Montreal. This publication is available from all five school boards on the Island-of-Montreal.


The Internet also has many information sites. Check the Web sites of the different school boards to find out about their information and promotional activities, and their particular admission procedures.


School board Web sites


Other useful Web sites:

  • Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement supérieur (MEES)

    The Ministry's site can certainly guide you in choosing what to study. It offers a wealth of information on secondary-level general education, vocational and technical training, and college and university education. It also posts a calendar of events and has sections on financial aid, special events, statistics and publications.


  • Inforoute FPT

    The vocational and technical training telematic network in Québec

    You absolutely need to consult this search engine to find out everything there is to know about vocational training in Quebec. This site provides a description of the programs offered, the contact information for the different educational institutions, vocational training activities, and discussion forums for the different sectors.


  • Emploi-Québec

    This interactive site offers labour-market information on all the different trades and occupations, including working conditions, average wages, skills and qualities required by employers, job prospects and even employment statistics.

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