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Receiving an answer

A few weeks after sending your application for admission, you should receive an answer from the school board. There are four types of possible answers.


  • Your application has been accepted:You can enroll in the program.

  • Your application has been accepted but certain conditions apply:For most programs, your application will be accepted on condition that you fulfill certain prerequisites before starting the program. In some cases, you may be required to pass an admission test. This test does not relate to the content of the courses to be taken. Rather, it is designed to assess your aptitudes and interests, which helps select candidates for programs that have registration quotas.

  • Your application is incomplete:Your application has been returned to you so that you can submit any missing documents.

  • Your application has been refused:You will receive an explanation for the refusal; however, you can still contact a school board official to find out which courses you are missing and how to successfully re-apply for the program. In vocational training, a refusal is never final.

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